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Space Travel: Virgin Galactic

Accredited Space Agency for Virgin Galactic

Carmella Sears, Accredited Space Agent, Mansour Travel Company

Mansour Travel Company is proud to be one of less than 140 agencies in the world handpicked by Virgin Galactic to be an Accredited Space Agency. 

Virgin Galactic’s experience promises truly to be the trip of a lifetime. Designed with safety and passenger experience in mind, astronauts on board SpaceShipTwo can expect to experience weightlessness as they float around the cabin for up to 4-minutes, enjoying incredible views of our planet and space.

On return to Earth these pioneering individuals will receive their Virgin Galactic astronaut wings and plenty of images and videos of their experience.

Virgin Galactic is already taking reservations and seats are selling fast! Call us to sign up now to secure your place in space and to join what is perhaps the most exclusive club in the world. With invitations to special ‘future astronaut’ events and behind-the-scenes access, you’ll want to get in line before it’s too late!