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Mansour Travel Company welcomes Independent Travel Advisors to work under our auspices. We treat our Independent Agents as valuable clientswho operate their business and service their clients independently, but with the full benefits of our relationships and clout with the airlines and hotels. Some of the Independents working with us have been with us for between 17 and 20 years! Our specialty is back office, agent/tech support, and supplier negotiations. Our management team handles the auxiliary services so that Independent Agents can focus on making money.

Mansour Travel Company has a healthy mix of Independent Agents and dedicated employees to make our brand a highly respected one across the world.

Mansour Travel Company is an over $25 million California Corporation headquartered in Beverly Hills… and we are ready to help Independents build and expand their business.

We are interested in hearing from you! Email us and we can discuss the options that work best for you: [email protected]. Or call us at 310-276-2768.